Lifeline Ukraine

Lifeline Ukraine is a national, professional, suicide prevention and mental health support hotline, operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

SMM maintenance

2019 — now
In December 2019, the RANOK team began SMM promotion of the Lifeline Ukraine brand on three social networks - Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The Lifeline Ukraine Facebook page had only 1,200+ followers back then.

The brand's main goals were to increase the number of followers to ensure the trust of Ukrainians in the hotline, get Facebook's verification checkmark, ensure stable publishing of quality content, and get the maximum possible reach across different social media channels
We are still working with the client. During the last 21 months of our cooperation, we helped Lifeline Ukraine
gather more than 40,000 followers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter combined

reach 10.9 million users on social networks through organic posts and advertisements

get enough brand recognition to get Facebook verification

receive more than 14,000 calls
SMM Maintenance
As part of SMM maintenance, we create a content plan regularly according to the requests of the target audience. In 2020, we conducted a large-scale survey, gathered more than 150 respondents, and analyzed competitors' social media content. Apart from producing organic content across three social media channels - Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, we regularly set up and optimize ads on Facebook and Instagram and create weekly and monthly analytical reports
Design concept for Facebook
Design concept for Facebook
Design concept for Facebook
Design concept for Facebook
We adapt the visuals for different social networks for better algorithm rating
Design concept for Twitter
Design concept for Facebook
Facebook & Instagram
— I've had the pleasure of working with Bozhena and her team for approximately one year now. When I was launching a project that needed to become a national brand I engaged a company to handle our social media activities, in turn they added Bozhena because they'd heard of her excellent reputation, and since then we have experienced great follower growth and achieved national brand recognition. This has been the result of the professionalism and the creativity that Bozhena is great at. As well as being excellent at designing and implementing social media strategy, Bozhena is also great to work with in that she's smart, and deeply knowledgeable about this sphere.
Founder at Lifeline Ukraine

Client’s feedback

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